Are you aware that Ammeraal Beltech delivers high performance in a more sustainable way? Particularly, we make our Baggage Handling Systems endure for longer periods of time, need less cleaning, consume less power, and even use recycled material in the process of manufacturing. Often, the most famous airports are full of eco-oriented innovative systems and applications. We support our partners in providing their customers with unique Ammeraal Beltech solutions that help to limit resources.


The positives of Ammeraal Beltech’s environmentally oriented solutions are broad. PET fabric initiatives allows 14 bottles with a volume of 1.5L to be recycled per square metre of belt while also reducing 1.2kg of CO₂ emissions and decreasing greenhouse gases release by 70%. The recycled polyester is produced in a process which saves large amounts of energy and water. All the benefits, if combined with the belt’s reduced power usage, extended lifecycle, and revolutionary design, grant a full sustainability score spectrum and therefore certification opportunities.


To strengthen a brand reputation, the path must be greener. Potential investors, as well as passengers, put trust in sustainable airports which care about the future because it might be seen then that the person’s practices of recycling at home contribute to the cause. Ammeraal Beltech’s approach to manufacturing environmentally friendly belts for Baggage Handling Systems allows all airport visitors to see how their hard work influences their closest community.