Ammeraal Beltech, a global leader in conveying solutions, presents a new durable range with impact resistant (IR) technology. Belts with a strengthened fabric inner layer match the challenging applications where additional durability and robustness are important, just as in the case of parcel sortation and airport baggage handling systems. These products are characterised by a long lifetime and lower energy consumption, despite the rough operational conditions.

What is an IR belt range?

The new durable range with IR technology covers the belts developed to support modern logistics centres, requiring more strength to carry heavy loads at high speeds. The family includes Flexam belts, as well as the newly developed Ropanol EX- a three ply carcass construction with low noise fabric top and bottom over a strengthened impact resistant inner layer. This state-of-the-art advancement in terms of sortation and collection belts can be used to replace conventional rubber belts in manual applications, leading to substantial cost savings.

What are the features of an IR belt range?

The new range with IR technology is strong and durable. The belts have excellent lateral stability, tear resistance, and lace retention. Due to the use of a twill weave fabrics technology, they operate whilw emitting much less noise.

IR belt range: major applications

IR belts are commonly used in transportation, automated sortation, and both bulk and singulated conveyance. They prove themselves everywhere goods need to be collected, sorted, and accumulated. Their applications also include incline and decline conveyors, which are used to move products from one level to another. Telescopic conveyors can benefit from impact resistant belts as well. The devices are commonly found in large facilities to streamline the process of loading and unloading goods.

What are the benefits of IR belts?

IR belts make the handling of heavy loads easier. They are capable of operating at high speeds with desired precision. A low elongation of belts means no need for retensioning, which results in time and cost savings. Service lifetime is extended due to reduced tears and gouges. Solutions available offer energy efficiency and less downtime, resulting from excellent retention of mechanical fasteners.

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The new durable range with IR technology matches all applications in need of high strength and durability. For more information on this specific product family, please follow the links on our profile.