Looking for a sustainable future

With ever-increasing pressure on the Airport Industry to contribute to a more sustainable future, Ammeraal Beltech introduces a solution to reduce the environmental impact of operating baggage handling systems, using recycled materials.

From bottles to fabrics

Ammeraal Beltech has tested new fabrics, created from recycling PET bottles, and finally found that compromising on quality is not necessary. Since PET fabrics are compatible with various belting applications, including baggage handling, this combination is arguably the next big step in reaching the sustainability goals of the Airport Industry.

To take care of environment

At Ammeraal Beltech, we really care about the environment. Therefore, we put our words into actions by doing our part in making the coming years more sustainable for ourselves and our customers. For that reason, we consider sustainability during our designing and engineering processes.

With you

Discretionary purchasing choices that Airport Operators and General Contractors make through their decisions play a huge role in making the world a better place. These new generation belts are a step forward in the sustainable belting solutions, hence the environmentally-friendly industry.