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55 Inverness Drive East
80112 Colorado,
United States of America

55 Inverness Drive East
80112 Colorado,
United States of America

Jeppesen is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company and is recognized as one of the world’s foremost providers of information and business support solutions to the transportation industry.

Airport and airspace simulation

Jeppesen’s TAAM (total airspace and airport modeller) is the premier fast-time gate-to-gate simulator of airport and airspace operations commercially available. This sophisticated software tool simulates 4D (3D plus time) models of airspace and airports to facilitate decision support, planning and analysis.

With TAAM, an analyst can develop models of airports and/or airspace, and then evaluate the impact of changes to infrastructure, operations or schedules. TAAM will enable the operator to identify the system benefits of changes, such as building a new taxiway or re-architecting sectors, changing runway configurations or determining when saturation will be reached.

Recognised as a standard in the aviation industry, TAAM is widely used by major air navigation service providers, air carriers, leading airports, as well as aviation research establishments, system integrators and universities around the globe.

Airport and airspace design consultancy

Jeppesen’s Airspace and Airport Services team is located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Our team has been providing procedure design services since 2000 and we have completed over 600 conventional and RNP procedures in more than 25 countries around the world.

Our procedure design team designed the original Required Navigation Performance (RNP) parallel procedures into Seattle Tacoma (SEATAC), USA. We have also designed complex procedures for Eagle, Colorado and Bermuda airfields using criteria developed in-house and approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The FAA has since adopted the same basic criteria for use in FAA order 8260.54A. Jeppesen’s procedure design services are solution-minded and we have extensive experience working with the FAA Flight Standards Office, and air traffic management services worldwide.

Procedures in accordance with host nation requirements

Our procedure design capabilities encompass all facets associated with airspace development. We design procedures in accordance with ICAO (PANS OPS), FAA (TERPS), or host nation regulatory requirements. Our capabilities include the design of any procedure based on ground-based navigational aids and satellite navigation to include PBN concepts such as RNP and RNP AR (authorization required).

Jeppesen has a long history of successful RNAV (and RNP) implementations and we plan to apply the same proven track record and integrated approach to successfully implement RNP and GNSS with NAV CANADA. In this arrangement, we offer a turn-key solution to include program management and subject matter expertise in flight operations, aircraft performance, avionics and air traffic management.

About Jeppesen

Elrey B Jeppesen started drawing maps and charts to help airmail pilots find their destinations as safely and efficiently as possible. He began selling them in 1934 and Jeppesen & Co. was born. Throughout his career, Jeppesen was a leader in aviation navigation and safety.

In 1947, he collaborated with the Civil Aeronautics Authority (precursor to the FAA) to introduce Standard Instrument Flight Procedures and helped establish the National Flight Data Center. Today, the company started by Jeppesen continues that tradition of safe, reliable navigation for pilots worldwide.

With over 75 years of quality and dedicated service to the aviation industry as a foundation, we are in an outstanding position to provide a comprehensive solution to airports, ANSPs and CAAs around the world. Our products and services are mature, well established and validated by the industry.

Consulting Services

Jeppesen is a leading developer of advanced airspace and airport simulation, decision support and scheduling systems. Using our sophisticated range of software products, combined with more than 75 years of expertise in the aviation market, Jeppesen offers unsurpassed consulting solutions to customers worldwide.

Procedure and Airspace Design

As the use of advanced navigation technologies becomes more widespread around the world, expertise and professional terminal or en route procedure design becomes increasingly important.

Procedure Based Navigation (PBN) Design and Implementation Services

Boeing has pioneered performance-based navigation (PBN), the advanced air navigation framework on which the future global air traffic management (ATM) system will rely. Combining satellite-based navigation with modern aircraft capabilities and other advancements, PBN uses air navigation technologies that include required navigation performance (RNP), the most precise of all flight guidance.

Total Airspace and Airport Modeller (TAAM) Fast-Time ATM Simulation Software

Jeppesen's TAAM, Total Airspace and Airport Modeller, is the premier fast-time gate-to-gate simulator of airport and airspace operations commercially available. This sophisticated software tool simulates 4D (3D plus time) models of airspace and airports to facilitate decision support, planning and analysis.

Implementation Of Land-And-Hold-Short Operations At Memphis International Airport

A graduate-level study completed by a student at Embry-Riddle University. The paper examines the implications of implementing land and hold short operations at Memphis International Airport. The study is a prime example of how Jeppesen’s Total Airspace and Airport Modeller (TAAM) product may be used to evaluate a new operational methodology and quantify the capacity impact.

Montreal-Pierre Airport Expansion, Quebec

Aeroports de Montreal (ADM), the company responsible for the management, operation and development of the Montreal-Trudeau International Airport in Canada, officially opened the expanded international terminal area at the airport in May 2016.

Jeppesen to Enhance Flight Planning Operations for TUI Travel Pan-European Airline Group

Jeppesen, a part of Boeing Digital Aviation, recently agreed to a new five-year service contract with TUI Travel PLC, a leading international leisure travel company, featuring all the Group's airline operations. Through the new agreement, Jeppesen will provide multiple services for the airlines to optimise flight planning capabilities and reduce operating costs.

Jeppesen Teams with GosNIIAS Research Institute of Russia to Evaluate Prototype Integrated Navigation Solution

Jeppesen, a part of Boeing Digital Aviation, recently signed a five-year agreement with GosNIIAS, the leading research center of the Russian aviation industry. Through the agreement, GosNIIAS will test and evaluate integration of a comprehensive, prototype Jeppesen navigation information solution with Irkut Corporation MC-21 passenger aircraft and related GosNIIAS integrated modular avionics (IMA).

Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck Connects Mobile Devices with Panel Mount Avionics through Aspen Avionics Connected Panel

Jeppesen, a part of Boeing Commercial Aviation Services, now offers route planning capabilities that can be transferred between mobile devices and installed avionics to improve data access for general aviation pilots. The new route planning solution synchronizes smart-enabled devices with certified panel-mount avionics through the Aspen Avionics Connected Panel communication network. Jeppesen route planning data created with Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck on iPad is then transmitted for review through Aspen Avionics MFD 500 or 1000 units.


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