Jeppesen to Enhance Flight Planning Operations for TUI Travel Pan-European Airline Group - Airport Technology
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Jeppesen to Enhance Flight Planning Operations for TUI Travel Pan-European Airline Group

Jeppesen, a part of Boeing Digital Aviation, recently agreed to a new five-year service contract with TUI Travel PLC, a leading international leisure travel company, featuring all the Group’s airline operations. Through the new agreement, Jeppesen will provide multiple services for the airlines to optimise flight planning capabilities and reduce operating costs.

A newly enhanced Jeppesen flight planning solution will be integrated into operation by TUI Travel through the agreement.

Components of this system include Jeppesen JetPlanner, a Windows based user interface that provides a complete end-to-end flight planning and dispatch solution, powered by the Jeppesen JetPlan engine. Additionally, Jeppesen’s NOTAM Management Tool software processes NOTAM information quickly and efficiently to reduce the time required for preflight planning operations, while providing real-time situational awareness to TUI Travel’s dispatchers.

An upgraded Jeppesen flight planning optimisation engine will maximize route efficiency to reduce fuel burn and operating costs for the airlines. In all, the Jeppesen flight planning solution will provide TUI Travel’s airlines with simplified, consolidated access to flight data through an intuitive user interface.

"As TUI Travel flight operations continue to expand, our complete flight planning system will adapt to this evolving landscape and deliver optimized flight plans and access to critical data," said Tim Huegel, director, Jeppesen Aviation Portfolio Management. "We will continue to work closely with the Group to understand their needs and will provide solutions to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs."

The Jeppesen JetPlan flight planning engine has been trusted by business and commercial aviation operators for more than 30 years. Enhancements to JetPlan route optimization functions work to quickly comply with Eurocontrol routing requirements and determine flight plans that maximize efficient fuel consumption and flight scheduling.

"The enhanced route optimization capabilities provided by Jeppesen are attractive to us, considering our flight schedules in the increasingly complex and costly European airspace system," said Tim Kowalski, Head of TUI Group Operation Centre, within TUIFly and the project manager responsible for Jeppesen migration within the airlines.

"Jeppesen will provide us with cost-effective flight plans and adaptive solutions that will be key components of our continued success moving forward in a competitive business environment."

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