Boeing has pioneered performance-based navigation (PBN), the advanced air navigation framework on which the future global air traffic management (ATM) system will rely. Combining satellite-based navigation with modern aircraft capabilities and other advancements, PBN uses air navigation technologies that include required navigation performance (RNP), the most precise of all flight guidance.

We offer the following PBN products and services:

  • PBN roadmap, in accord with ICAO mandate
  • RNP AR application development
  • PBN instrument flight procedure design and implementation
  • RNP AR flight crew and dispatcher training
  • RNP AR equipment upgrades
  • RNP navigation database validation
  • RNP availability prediction
  • Regulator, ATC, and ANSP coordination
  • PBN flight operational safety assessment (FOSA)
  • PBN and RNP consulting