Jeppesen recently signed a multiple-year agreement with AirAsia, one of Asia’s largest low-cost carriers, to provide digital charting and electronic flight bag (EFB) services for all AirAsia Group affiliates.

The agreement covers a total of six airlines within the AirAsia Group, which are based in Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, India, Indonesia and the Philippines. The AirAsia Group will receive tailored digital flight information and Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro electronic flight bag (EFB) services on Window tablets to optimise operations.

"Teaming with Jeppesen to establish digital navigation and EFB services will allow us to continue our transition to a fully digital operating environment," said Captain Adrian Jenkins, AirAsia regional director of Flight Operations. "We had previous experience with digital Jeppesen services with our AirAsia X affiliates, and we are now pleased to extend these valuable services across the AirAsia Group."

Through a previous agreement, Jeppesen had provided AirAsia X with Jeppesen’s suite of navigation and operations services which includes tailored digital flight information and EFB services, leading to the new agreement for the entire AirAsia Group.

"In a competitive business environment, the AirAsia Group will now experience increased operational efficiency by integrating FliteDeck Pro and tailored digital flight information," said John Kinsman, vice president, Jeppesen Global Sales & Service. "Access to digital charts and operating notes on the ground and in the air will help AirAsia group pilots increase situational awareness and will reduce overall costs through optimised operations."

Advancing to digital flight information through the use of FliteDeck Pro allows the AirAsia group to operate more efficiently by eliminating paper content, which improves fuel consumption. FliteDeck Pro also enhances situational awareness, using real-time, data driven flight information. FliteDeck Pro also significantly reduces flight preparation time and pilot workload.

For further detail on the industry-leading navigation, operations, training and optimisation solutions provided by the company, contact Jeppesen.