Jeppesen and Mainline to Enhance Business Aviation Operations in China - Airport Technology
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Jeppesen and Mainline to Enhance Business Aviation Operations in China

Jeppesen and Mainline, the Chinese aviation service provider, have agreed to discuss enhancing business aviation operations in China.

The two companies are coming together to determine strategies for increasing operational efficiency with the burgeoning Chinese business aviation market.

"We look forward to furthering discussions to establish how we can integrate our industry-leading business aviation products and services with Mainline in China," said Steve Card, director, Jeppesen Aviation Client Management.

"Considering Mainline’s expertise with operations and customer relationships, Jeppesen’s solutions for enhancing efficiency could help operators looking to expand or establish operations in China."

Mainline is committed to providing domestic dispatch operations services for both the general and business aviation markets in China.
In the quickly expanding Chinese business aviation market, Jeppesen can help Mainline meet the growing need for experienced and professional dispatch operation management, including integration of Jeppesen’s flight planning and international trip planning services.

"We are establishing Mainline as the go-to, trusted resource that business aviation providers will rely on for simplifying operations in the complex China market," said Mr. Lu Lin, president, Mainline Aviation Operation Services Center.

"Teaming with Jeppesen provides us with a globally renowned partner for expert flight and trip planning resources that will help our customers operate more safely and efficiently."

Overall, Mainline plans to establish multiple aviation services for Chinese business aviation operators, including domestic dispatch, airport analysis, aeronautics information services, flight planning, weather data, flight monitoring, fuel set up, training and international trip planning.

Jeppesen will continue discussions with Mainline to determine how the companies can work together to create a mutually beneficial business aviation partnership, taking advantage of their combined strengths and capabilities.

The founders and business leadership team of Mainline are comprised of key experts from the commercial and business aviation industry in China, including the Chinese Airline Pilots Association. The company has received backing and support from the Civil Aviation Administration of China and the city of Shanghai.

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