Jeppesen’s TAAM, Total Airspace and Airport Modeller, is the premier fast-time gate-to-gate simulator of airport and airspace operations commercially available. This sophisticated software tool simulates 4D (3D plus time) models of airspace and airports to facilitate decision support, planning and analysis.

With TAAM an analyst can develop models of airports or airspace, and then evaluate the impact of changes to infrastructure, operations, or schedules. TAAM enables the operator to identify the system benefits of changes such as new taxiways, sector redesign, modified runway configurations, or determining when saturation will be reached.

Considered an industry standard, TAAM is widely used by major air navigation service providers, air carriers, airports, aviation research establishments, system integrators and universities worldwide.

TAAM results are presented to enable easy analysis and comparison so decision makers can determine the best possible solution before an investment has been made. TAAM uses high-detail 3D graphics to ensure that stakeholder engagement is easy.

TAAM allows users to create an unlimited number of what-if scenarios, testing new concepts and operational parameters in a virtual environment.

TAAM features include:

  • Unmatched fast-time and accurate simulation capabilities
  • Configurable to any airport or airspace
  • Unlimited ‘what-if’ scenario capabilities
  • 4D full airspace flight profile calculations and detailed ground or airside model
  • Flexible rule base accommodating different modelling requirements
  • Randomisation of parameters for increased realism
  • Electronic data input for rapid set-up
  • Realistic 3D models of airspace and airports
  • Database reporting functionality featuring default and user-created customised reports