Frequentis has modernised Kazakhstan’s air traffic management (ATM) communication network within the Almaty flight information region (FIR).

Frequentis VCX-IP network solution has been installed in Kazakhstan, allowing the exchange of safety-critical communication and data to advance Almaty FIR to the next level. The project to modernise the country’s safety-critical air traffic management (ATM) communication network, ensures a smooth and safe migration towards IP technology.

ATM-grade network components such as the VCX-IP build the foundation for resilient air traffic management. The Frequentis network solution enables the exchange of air / ground (A/G) and ground / ground (G/G) radar data over an IP backbone and has demonstrated the suitability and benefits of the solution in dedicated on-site sessions.

VCX-IP provides a cost-efficient, step-wise migration path to manage the transition from legacy infrastructure to IP in the most efficient way. With the VCX-IP network solution numerous elements of the infrastructure are decoupled, making it possible to move towards an integrated IP network without affecting the existing radar, radio or communication infrastructure elements, in turn protecting existing investments.

“With decades of experience in safety-critical air traffic management network solutions, and successful operational installations on all continents, we always aim to deliver unique value and benefits to our customers. In this phase the network solution has been rolled out to 13 sites, fully handling the A/G, G/G communication as well as radar data distribution. We also thank the local prime in Kazakhstan, KAZAEROPROJECT, for excellent cooperation during the entire process,” says Hannu Juurakko, Frequentis ATM civil vice-president.