After two years of preparation and collaboration with Nasa and KBR through the Mission Systems Operations Contract (MSOC), Nasa’s Johnson Space Center awarded Frequentis USA a contract to replace the existing Mission Operations Voice Enhancement (MOVE) systems with a technology refresh.

Frequentis will replace the current version of Nasa’s Voice Conferencing System (VCS), delivered in 2008, with the latest telecommunication and teleconferencing technology, including Voice over IP (VoIP) communication lines, and interfaces to operator keysets. The project supports the identical, critical functionality for mission voice within Nasa for all crewed and uncrewed space missions.

Frequentis USA has worked with Nasa on mission-critical voice communication for more than 16 years. As part of the MOVE program in 2007, Frequentis delivered more than 18 VCS to Nasa sites.

“We are extremely pleased to provide this VCS upgrade for Johnson Space Center. Frequentis hopes this will be a model for other Nasa mission control centres that would like to evolve to VoIP via a technical refresh. Our user-friendly keysets have already been used by Nasa for human spaceflight operations and we are able to retain those for the operators, making this a cost-effective and seamless transition to new technology,” says Frequentis USA president Dieter Eier.

All Nasa VCS systems are assembled in and supported from the Frequentis USA factory in Columbia, Maryland. This enables global installation and support for sites ranging from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, to the Deep Space Communication Complex in Canberra, Australia.