The delivery of the new voice communication system for the Vienna Airport tower is the continuation of a joint implementation path. Austro Control had previously commissioned Frequentis to renew its Area Control Centre voice communication systems in a Virtual Centre environment, including two data centres. The latest implementation for the Schwechat Tower, one of Europe’s busiest airports, is now following suit.

The construction of the new system in the tower builds on the preliminary project currently being implemented and will use its geo-redundant infrastructure (locally distributed systems).

The tower will be added as an operational unit in the overall system of the Virtual Centre environment. This is a further milestone in Austro Control’s overall strategy for location-independent data centre operation, enabling air traffic controllers to operate voice communications from either of the two data centres in future. There will also be the possibility of integrating further operational units into the overall system in the future.

“We are delighted to continue our decades of successful cooperation with Austro Control. With this innovative concept, Austro Control will ensure consistently high availability and reliability in the field of voice communication in the future,” says Frequentis CEO Norbert Haslacher.

The overall solution is based on X10, the future of voice communication, and the first Frequentis solution of an IT-based voice communication system for air traffic management.

Austro Control is one of the leading air navigation service providers in Europe, managing approximately one million aircraft movements in Austrian airspace every year, with Austrian air traffic control relying on state-of-the-art equipment, which has been provided by Frequentis for many years. The two companies have been linked by a successful partnership that has lasted for decades.