Latvian air navigation services provider Latvijas Gaisa Satiksme (LGS) has upgraded its Frequentis Information Display System to enhance operations as air traffic increases.

LGS has been operating Frequentis’ Information Display System since 2014. With the latest release of smartSIS, LGS air traffic controllers will have faster access to critical information, allowing them to tailor arrival times and manage increasing air traffic volume more effectively.

LGS Air Traffic Controllers rely on various sources of information and a mix of dynamic and static data to perform their tasks. The accessibility and presentation of information play an important part in the way that controllers interact with it.

Frequentis smartSIS acts as the main portal for controllers to access vital operational information, from real-time weather and NOTAM information, to fixed aircraft characteristics, standard operating procedures and letters of agreement.

“LGS is looking at every solution that enhances the efficiency of its Air Traffic Controllers to support them in their tasks. With Frequentis smartSIS, the LGS controllers can quickly access diverse types of supplementary information, allowing them to focus on their key tasks and the ability to effectively manage increased flight volume.” said Vladislav Chaschin, LGS deputy head of the technical department.

Riga Airport, in the Latvian capital, has been significantly increasing passenger numbers in recent years, well over the European average. It plans to become a convenient north European airport hub, serving at least 10 million passengers by 2023. To manage the increased traffic volume successfully air traffic controllers require more efficient ways of working.

Frequentis California CEO John Fort said: “The ability to provide up to date airport / airspace and weather information to the pilots during the active phase of the flight, with minimum effort from the LGS controllers, is critical for increasing their productivity.

“We are pleased that LGS has again put its trust in Frequentis for the development of this critical application. The LGS operational experience combined with Frequentis expertise in systemwide information management (SWIM) are key to the success of this project.”

Frequentis smartSIS ensures all relevant information is up-to-date and readily available to controllers as and when needed with a graphical data overlay on a map on large computer screens or tablets. The system provides support for legacy and SWIM formats (AIXM, IWXXM, FIXM). The system is highly configurable and can be used by controllers at the air control centres, approaches and towers.