Ink Innovation has successfully implemented its Departure Control System (DCS) at Gällivare Lapland Airport, enhancing Amapola Flyg’s operations since 27 October. Leveraging cloud-based technology, Ink DCS provides swift implementation and scalable solutions for evolving airport needs in remote areas like the Arctic Circle. Gällivare Flygplats traffic manager Annika Edlund praises the affordability and quick implementation of Ink DCS, highlighting its superiority over previous vendors.

Ink chief commercial officer Janet Richards emphasises the company’s mission to reinvent travel through technology, with the Gällivare integration as a pivotal step. Originally a military airfield, Gällivare Lapland Airport now plays a crucial role in connecting remote communities to urban centres. For more information, visit the Gällivare website.

Ink Innovation S.L. specialises in connected journeys and passenger experiences, offering flexible solutions through its ecosystem of biometrics, blockchain, mobile, and cloud systems.

For more information and the full press release, please visit the Ink Innovation website.