The fifth Philippine Airport Modernization and Expansion Summit is set to soar as it gathers visionaries, innovators, and stakeholders in the aviation industry.

What to expect

On 14 September 2023 from 13:30 to 14:00, Ink managing partner and Ink Innovation advisory board chairman Javed Malik will share insights into how the latest airport trends, practices, and designs can help you transcend traditional limitations. Learn how a ‘bytes not bricks’ approach can allow operations to scale through software, overcoming architectural, budget and staffing constraints. Join us as we explore how these innovations can elevate airport operations and enhance the overall passenger experience.

Why this summit matters

The Philippines is making headlines as the country with the second largest pipeline of airport projects in Asia, capturing the attention of solution providers worldwide. With significant budget allocations allocated to select airport projects, the Department of Transportation (DOTR) in the Philippines is committed to rapid construction, rehabilitation, and modernisation of Philippine airports.

As the industry shifts towards embracing cutting-edge technology for improved airport operations, air traffic management, and facilities, airport stakeholders and authorities want the perfect partners for these transformative endeavours.

The summit experience

The fifth Philippine Airport Modernization and Expansion Summit is a pivotal event, trusted by the aviation industry in the Philippines. It will unite 200 to 300 decision-makers, fostering collaborations, and rekindling momentum after a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic and project slowdowns. The aim is to welcome leading solution providers who can address the challenges faced by Philippine airports and meet the demands of our stakeholders during this two-day summit.

Learn more

For more information about this groundbreaking event, or to register to attend, please visit our website.

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