Ink Mobile DCS integrates with any Departure Control System within four weeks of the start of technical development. Messages are fully developed for Altea. Flat-rate billing packages are available without Capex investment in hardware.

Ink Mobile allows for full departure control:

  • IATA compliant Bag Tag printing
  • Boarding Pass printing
  • Passport reading
  • Barcode scanning
  • APIS collection and submission
  • Interline Through Check-in (IATCI)
  • Multi-sector Seat Plans
  • Ancillary Fee Payments

Tags on Demand forms part of the Ink Mobile Agent application to expand tag printing capacity anywhere on your network and make the best use of your floor-walkers or roving agents. Tags on Demand is used by airlines to issue Inactive or Active mobile tags. All bag tags are immediately shown in real time in their DCS.

Whether your DCS is:

  • Amadeus Altea
  • Sabresonic
  • Navitaire GoNow
  • Radixx Go
  • Your own in-house DCS

Ink Turn is designed to gain real-time, valuable insight to ensure that the services being delivered on the ramp match what you are invoiced. Expose millions of data points to your Business Information System or use Ink to optimise the process further.

Increase accountability by digitising your turnarounds with Ink Turn.

  • Affordable. No hardware CapEx.
  • Simple to deploy onto phones or tablets.
  • Over 170 events and services.
  • Generate any paperwork that you need or
  • Transition to a Digital Ramp and send data directly to EFBs.

Mobile Agent is available for download from the App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android.