Change is the name of the game in today’s fast-paced world, and nobody understands that better than LIFT, South Africa’s most flexible airline.

Created in an astonishing 90 days, LIFT embodies agility and customer-centricity.
The startup airline’s goal has been to reimagine the passenger experience from the ground up.

To turn the usual travel hustle into a breeze, LIFT overhauled traditional operations by implementing Ink Web Check-in, Ink DCS, and Ink Turn.

These solutions allow LIFT to deliver streamlined check-in and boarding, and guarantee efficient turnarounds.

‘With Ink, we experiment together, exploring how to make the passenger experience even more customer-friendly and connected’, shared LIFT Head of Airports and Ground Operations Theuns Dreyer.

LIFT CEO Jonathan Ayache added: ‘From the setup all the way to where we’re using Ink today, it has been a fantastic experience’.

If you’re looking to give your airline a similar lift-off, we’re just a call away.