Ink Load Control supports passenger aircraft, preighters, freighters, narrow and wide body, as well as all types of communication tools including email, SMS, Type B, ACARS, and EFB.

  • Automate the tedium
  • Deliver Loadsheets directly to Electronic Flight Bags (EFB)
  • Dashboard for an overview of all flights
  • Quick-switching of flights
  • Allocate flights to staff
  • Automated optimisation of loads
  • LIR and Loadsheet Automation
  • Integrate with Ink DCS, Navitaire, Amadeus, or your in-house DCS
  • Web Service to integrate other systems
  • Digitise the ramp with PDF documents
  • Digitise signatures
  • NOTOC, Cargo flights, mail, and more
  • AHM Data Entry service- ensure all stations use up-to-date data
  • Inbuilt safety checks.

Streamline your operations and reduce your costs with Ink Load Control