Ink Kiosk – an affordable, touchless kiosk featuring proximity-activated facial biometrics from Ink replaces lost manpower with self-service.

  • Prints boarding passes
  • Delivers mobile boarding passes to phone
  • Reads ePassports
  • Creates Biometrics Tokens
  • Instantly recognise passengers with biometrics
  • Delivers remote personal assistance
  • Precision scale for weighing before issuing tags
  • IATA CUSS compliant- multiple airlines can share
  • Project your brand on the front, side or back
  • Option to print RFID tags
  • Take contactless Ancillary Payments

QuickTag Lite- tagging for passengers who are already checked-in

An advanced Self Service unit. The perfect solution for tagging-intensive operations that need the highest efficiency with fewer agents.

  • Connects to any DCS
  • Uses the same super-simple technical integration as Tags-on-Demand
  • Touchless UI- no need to touch the screen
  • Proximity-activated Facial Biometrics
  • Facial Recognition recognises the passenger
  • Linerless baggage tags
  • Bag weighing
  • Boarding pass scanning
  • Use Ink DCS if the airline does not have a DCS
  • Automatically determines the correct baggage allowance
  • 3D Baggage sizing

Bag Drop – retrofit to existing scales and conveyors

Touchless, Biometric Bag Drop with RFID retrofitted onto existing belts.

  • Touchless Bag Drop- no need to touch the screen or anything else
  • Touchless tag scanning (no handheld scanner)
  • Facial Biometrics
  • Retrofits onto existing scale
  • Integrates seamlessly with Sortation System PLC
  • Drives the baggage conveyor
  • 3D Baggage dimensioning
  • Automatic cross-referencing of weight
  • Respects baggage allowance
  • Share between carriers
  • Sub-20 second transaction per bag
  • Single or double conveyor configuration
  • Reads RFID tags

Totem- biometric validation at boarding and other points along the journey

Boarding with biometrics or a mobile phone scan couldn’t be any easier. The Totem is a full-height device that enables frictionless, touchless biometric processing within a tiny footprint.

  • Biometric recognition
  • Rapid barcode scanner as fallback
  • Small printer e.g. for seat changes; or
  • eCommerce unit for taking payments
  • Use at security, boarding or lounges
  • Add your own plexiglass to the sides to distance your staff from passengers

Kiosk Check-in

Ink Kiosk Check-in is software that turns the regular screen of your stand-alone unit into a self-service device to benefit your customers with the fast and intuitive check-in process.

Every screen of Ink Kiosk Check-in is thought through with a passenger in mind. Screens can be fully branded to conform to the client’s identity, reinforcing their brand. Within the design space, thought is given to font sizes, layout, colour, and spacing.

Web Check-in

Standardise Web Check-in across your entire network

  • Maximise off-site processing
  • Recommend seats by zone to pre-trim the flight
  • Upgrade the online check-in experience for your customers with more functionality
  • Sends PNLs to any DCS
  • Integrates directly via Web Services with Altea
  • Multilingual including support for Chinese, Korean and other double-byte characters
  • Conditional data
  • Send Wallet files to iOS and Android phones