ErvoCom has chosen a DAMM TetraFlex infrastructure as part of its security communication solution to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich).

Apart from reliability, key factors for choosing DAMM were the flexibility and scalability of the system combined with the open API, which allows easy integration of customised applications and external devices.

DAMM will deliver a total of 11 BS421 outdoor base stations to supply security communication in three campus areas using DAMM’s TetraFlex network. The project will take advantage of DAMM’s open API to include partner-developed solutions, including a dispatcher, in-house positioning and surveillance, as well as several alarm transmission features.

The project will be delivered by ErvoCom, a new strategic DAMM partner, who will also supply its own security guard radio system and dispatcher workstation. ETH Zurich will thus receive a system tailored to its needs, a system that corresponds to the most modern technology standard and that can be easily expanded as required.

Torben Østerby, key account manager at DAMM, states: “For Europe’s leading technological university to choose a TETRA solution proves once again that this is a future-proof technology, which continues to deliver reliable, high-tech critical communication solutions.”

Patrick Vogt, ErvoCom International CEO, elaborates: “DAMM’s open API made it easy for us to integrate our own solutions so that we can deliver a reliable security solution tailored to our customer’s needs.”

This is the first joint project between DAMM and ErvoCom, a partnership that will also focus on the transportation market globally.