On Saturday 25 April 2020, owner and founder of DAMM Cellular Systems A/S, Hans Damm, can celebrate his 70th birthday and there is a lot to celebrate.

Hans Damm has not rested on his laurels since founding the company back in 1981, a company that can celebrate its 40th jubilee next year.

The headquarters are still located in Sønderborg, Denmark, and have just been extended by 600m² to accommodate the growing number of people needed to accomplish the growing tasks that follow from running a successful business. DAMM’s growth is happening on a global level as they primarily export their radio communication products. This means that they not only hire people for their headquarters in Sønderborg, but also around the globe to support sales through their global partner network.

Just because you turn 70 does not mean that you have to stop working. Besides owning the company, Hans is still busy developing new products in his role as CTO, proving that inventiveness does not have an age limit. This eternal innovation is also one of the main reasons why DAMM today employs more than 80 people, employees who along with business partners, friends and family were supposed to celebrate Hans on Friday 24 April. However, due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, these celebrations have been postponed.