The Skiddometer BV11 VI (Vehicle Integration) is the latest innovation in friction measurement. Skiddometer proven technology has been adapted to use a electrical lift system with the Skiddometer BV11 and the Skiddometer Touch Screen computer, to provide better vehicle integration.

This new and simple construction allows the Skiddometer unit to be installed easily on any brand of pickup truck available on the market without modifications to the vehicle itself. Friction measurement can take place during the worst possible weather conditions, and now any vehicle can be used to perform the measurement, including safe four-wheel drives designed for such conditions. Also the ground clearance from measuring wheel is high which allows regular driving with the vehicle.

Unbeatable technology

  • Well-proven Skiddometer BV11 and the Skiddometer Touch Screen Computer
  • Installation on any pickup truck
  • No modifications needed to the vehicle (no effect on warranty)
  • Simple and robust construction, using Load-Sense electrical actuator for lifting and lowering the measuring wheel
  • A wide selection of configuration options
  • Unique self zero adjustment
  • High ground clearance from measuring wheel

Improved safety

  • A four-wheel drive provides more efficiency and safety for the operator
  • Worst possible conditions will not compromise operation or safety
  • Good visibility due to higher cabins
  • Durable aluminum water tank outside of the vehicle
  • Ensure that the flight control and pilots have the correct friction information for landing and takeoff (enough runway to make the aircraft come to a complete stop before the runway ends)

Better economy

  • Can be easily installed to any brand or type of pickup truck
  • Utilization of rental and electric vehicles is possible
  • Precise information on when to take necessary actions to remove snow, ice etc.
  • Precise information on the surface structure of the runway and whether it needs to be improved

Newest technology

The Skiddometer Touch Screen Computer is used to record measuring data. It has been developed in close co-operation with several international airport customers, following the success story of older MI-series computers. The touch screen computer takes friction measuring to whole new level. It utilizes usage of commercial tablet computers. Software is designed to be used on any Android or Windows based tablet on the market. Together with the Web Service, Touch Screen Computer is the most modern system available. CAN based communication allows easy integration of additional equipment and makes friction testing equipment to a multipurpose machine.

The computer has many advantages:

  • Easy to use, large screen
  • GPS with map view
  • Screen display and printouts follow ICAO and FAA standards
  • Unlimited measuring data saved on memory and Skiddometer Web Service accessible via web browser
  • Printouts can be made from external printer in or outside the vehicle