We have previously explained different aspects of Global Reporting Format (GRF) regulations and how to assess and report the runway in GRF.

The main tool to harmonize information sharing and reporting in GRF is the runway condition assessment matrix (RCAM). However, using solely RCAM based nominal values might lead to issues regarding traffic safety, traffic regularity, and efficiency of assessing and reporting. In this post, we will show how Moventor’s Global Runway Reporter (GRR) can help runway inspectors, air traffic control, and runway maintenance groups to implement GRF regulations safely and efficiently.

How airports can use Moventor’s Global Runway Reporter (GRR) software as a comprehensive solution for runway condition reporting, monitoring, and training?

Global Runway Reporter (GRR) is a modern software cluster designed for making runway inspection and maintenance effortless and efficient. GRR software is consistent with Global Reporting Format (ICAO GRF). With real-time information at your fingertips, you report contaminants easily directly from the inspection vehicle, get alerted when the inspection is timely, explore with limitless visual analytics, and customize analyzing tools and perform analyses in just a few clicks. The four key modules of the software can take care of the whole runway inspection process, and much more. Each of these modules can be selected individually based on the customer’s needs. With this modular approach, we can have exactly the wanted outcome for each customer without a big customization cost.

Global Runway Reporter is a comprehensive software that is easy to learn and easy to use. That is why it has been designed with four different modules that provide exactly the right information and the best possible user experience for each user group:

1. Runway inspectors

Mobile software working inside the inspection vehicle is a modern tool for runway inspectors to report runway conditions. It is designed to work on a touch screen tablet computer. To utilize the real-time status of runways, WiFi, or mobile network connection is a great benefit. This way the reporting is instant from the inspection vehicle. Mobile software sends information to the server which generates SNOWTAM syntax according to ICAO Global Reporting Format (GRF). The server forwards the data to relevant parties such as Eurocontrol, tower (ATC), Briefing (C), and others based on customer’s needs. The outputs can be customized to match the requirements. The inspectors can back up their RWYCC decision-making with familiar friction testing results.

Moventor tools for runway inspectors:

  • GRR Mobile for reporting
  • Skiddometer BV11 friction tester for objective results and detecting non-visible contaminants
  • Contaminant sensor for getting a continuous reading of surface temperature, contaminant type, and contaminant depth
  • GRR Trainer for practising reporting all-year-around with real runway videos and simulator

2. Runway inspectors and maintenance group

Alert module is designed to help maintenance people to decrease the workload for monitoring. The software can connect to your existing sensors on the runway and monitor weather forecasts. You can also get feedback from Airport Traffic Control (ATC) or from landing aircraft automated braking action when pilot reports (AIREP) differ from the Runway condition code (RWYCC) given by the inspector. This way you can alert the inspectors to make a new assessment when needed. When it is mandatory to go and clean and treat the runway, the software gives alerts to make a new maintenance action. This increases the correct timing of runway maintenance and generates big savings for less usage of machines and chemicals.

Moventor tools for runway inspectors and maintenance group:

  • GRR Alert for getting alerted when new RCR is needed and possible safety-related issues at runways
  • GRR Airport Status View for visualizing the data and alerts for easy situation awareness
  • GRR Web analysis tools for increasing safety and achieve savings with correct timing

3. Air Traffic Control (ATC)

The runway condition data can be utilized in many ways. Web module makes it easy to analyze the runway condition data for different purposes. Web can generate customized screens for Air Traffic Control (ATC) where relevant persons can see runway status with visualized outputs clearly and quickly. The screens can be also taken to a briefing where pilots plan the flight and take-off parameters. We can customize analysis tools based on the customers’ needs and run an almost unlimited number of reports of the data.

Moventor tools for Air Traffic Control:

GRR Airport Status View for visualizing the data and alerts for easy situation awareness
Let us help you with your runway reporting needs and make it compliant with the new Global Runway Reporting format. Please contact us and let´s book a meeting where we train the new regulation changes and introduce our software solution.