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Guntermann & Drunck (G&D) is a German manufacturer of high-end KVM extenders and switches especially designed for demanding applications in the ATC environment. G&D's 25 years of experience in transmitting and switching computer signals has resulted in a set of products that are well-renowned by both ANSPs and system integrators.

KVM products enable ATCOs to remotely operate the computers in the plant room. Remote computer operation from the tower means it is crucial for the controller to rely on 'backstage' technology.

KVM extender systems for remote control of computers

Limited tower space and a desire to work undisturbed by computer emissions are the driving factors for removing computers from the controller's desk into a separate plant room. In this way, space for the computers and the installations and energy needed for them can be saved.

Moreover, the computers are more easily accessible for maintenance purposes once removed into a remote plant room, and flight controllers will no longer be disturbed by maintenance work. The reasonable distance between controller and computer is bridged via KVM extender systems. Such a system consists of a transmitter (computer side) and a receiver (user side).

KVM extenders for DVI and VGA video and computer signals

G&D holds a wide range of different KVM extenders for DVI and VGA video and accompanying computer signals. DVIVision, for example, covers 140m over CAT cables. FIBREVision transmits images and enables computer operation over a distance up to 10,000m using fibre optics.

Dual-link DVI extenders

For high resolutions like 2048px x 2048px, G&D's dual-link DVI extender line is suitable. DL-Compact and DL-Vision are capable of resolutions up to 2560px x 1600px at 60Hz with a colour depth of 24bit. DL-Compact exclusively transmits DVI as well as USB and PS/2 keyboard/mouse, and DL-Vision also transmits audio and RS232.

DL-Vision-MC2, designed for dual-head graphics adapters, transmits two 2560px x 1600px at 60Hz and the accompanying computer signals via four fibres. Images are transmitted lossless from point to point and there is no frame-dropping or content loss. Redundant, self-controlling power supplies ensure the operational safety of the device.

Preventive monitoring and active reporting

The unique selling proposition of DL-Vision devices is their networking ability. Their dual network connectivity was designed not only for updating/restoring of system configuration or firmware but also for monitoring and active reporting,

System event information and forwarding

As safety is paramount in ATC applications, the administrator gains online system event information and forwarding. That information can either be actively requested by the admin, or the system itself sends alarms in form of SNMP traps via the network.

Adaptable KVM extenders

G&D's products can also be integrated into existing systems. The KVM extenders or switches adapt to the existing requirements as well as to the ambient conditions and can be easily integrated into the customer's concept.

The company has more than two decades of knowledge and experience, which is reflected in its competency in service, planning, integration and initiation. For more information about its applications please see the links below.

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