Applications using the DVICenter TradeSwitch function can now be switched simply by moving the mouse. With the TS function you can create a multi-monitor console from multiple computers connected to the DVICenter, and you need only one keyboard and one mouse to operate all computers.

In addition to switching between channels using hotkeys or the OSD, CrossDisplay-Switching lets you switch simply by using the cursor. The mouse acts as if on a virtual desktop and can be moved seamlessly across the connected displays. Moving the cursor to another display, the keyboard mouse focus automatically switches to the connected computer.

Port grouping and stacking: more signals at every workstation

In addition to combining multiple computers to a console, the DVICenter also supports multi monitor workstations for computers with several video outputs. Here, multiple channels can easily be combined as port groups.

As always, you can administrate all functions in the DVICenter web interface. In addition to multiple screens, you can include other signals in these groups. The system also transmits and switches transparent USB2.0 signals as well as RS232.

The stacking function enhances the system’s flexibility even further. The feature increases the number of ports by combining up to ten DVICenter devices via bus port. The ports of the stacked switches are switched in parallel to the master system. Now you can create multi monitor workstations and assign consoles with USB or RS232 channels.