Five days, five million contacts, 1,500 talks; many reasons why Hannover Messe is regarded as the world’s most important industrial fair. It is a meeting place for leading companies from industrial automation, energy engineering, industrial subcontracting and research and development. Following the lead theme ‘Integrated Industry, Next Steps’, Guntermann & Drunck (G&D) will present the next steps towards the future of KVM.

G&D speaks international language of manufacturing

Deutsche Messe AG boardmemberJochen Koeckler said: "Up to this point the IT systems of each company speak their own language. However, with the new networks the industrial sector must agree on a common ‘international language of manufacturing’."

A trend Guntermann & Drunck are and always have been committed to since they entered the IT world almost 30 years ago. The KVM equipment of the German manufacturer is especially designed for the environments that are about to benefit from its application. Here, the focus is always on users, because employees are the most valuable assets of a company. That’s why G&D KVM solutions primarily aim at improving the working conditions of people and secondly these of the IT equipment in use. They provide numerous additional functions especially directed at the requirements of fields like industrial process control and control rooms.

Guntermann & Drunck GmbH CEO Roland Ollek said: "Operating and monitoring processes in control rooms requires fast reactions. The interaction between humans and machines has to run smoothly and has to relieve the staff instead of adding to the work load. These are the main aspects we always keep in mind when designing our products."

KVM in industrial process control

Control rooms demand reliable computers that are always available. Running and monitoring many processes requires many computers. Control rooms apply professional leading-edge IT solutions. However, most of the time rather than being IT experts, users are specialists in the fields they work in, monitor and in which they have to carry out corrective actions, if necessary. That’s why it was easy for G&D to define the comprehensive requirements for their KVM systems:

  • Professional visualisation
  • Independent from software and hardware platforms
  • Transmission without latencies
  • High availability
  • Redundancy
  • Easy operation