ControlCenter-Compact offers high-performance in compact form and is often used for small and mid-sized installations.

The KVM matrix switch comes with up to 80 dynamic ports and can be expanded/cascaded, so the customers can connect up to 432 computers to one system.

The central modules are available also with 64 and 48 Ports. ControlCenter-Compact can switch various signals e.g. DVI, DisplayPort, VGA, USB2.0 and many more.

The system is compatible with both the DVICenter and the ControlCenter-Digital, as well as all end devices, which makes it possible to add new systems to existing infrastructures. Customers are able to choose between the use of CAT cables or fibre-optics when transmitting data. A mixed mode is also possible.

CCC provides the intuitive CrossDisplay-Switching function to use the mouse to switch between computers or the Push-Get function for the optimal control of video walls and the improvement of the teamwork in control rooms. Integrated SNMP and monitoring make the systems even more reliable.

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