For the first time Guntermann & Drunck (G&D) showed their product range at Airport Show Dubai. The German company and their IT products received a positive response from visitors.

At the end of May the products of manufacturer G&D went on a long journey to Airport Show Dubai, a fair for the airport industry.

IT products for air traffic control

By taking part in the ATC Global in Amsterdam in March, G&D were appreciated by visitors to the fair. While the focus of the ATC was mainly on air traffic control, Airport Show Dubai attracted an international audience. The fair is one of the world’s biggest events in the fields of construction, operation, technology and service.

Some 70% of visitors to G&D’s booth came from the Arabian area, almost half of them from the United Arab Emirates. The others came from across the world. With its product portfolio G&D met the demanding expectations of visitors – especially since it carried the label “made in Germany”.

Concentration on mission-critical applications

For more than two decades G&D has developed and implemented KVM products for extension and switching of computer signals. Their growing product range is extensive because the products serve different branches.

Their field of application in the airport industry goes from common applications within the office and server room to applications in waiting halls. When taking a glimpse at arrival or departure times G&D’s hardware is used in the background to make things work. They serve the transmission of information content from computer to display.

One further challenging field of application for G&D solutions can be found in the flight control tower. By the consolidation of airspaces the area that flight controllers need to monitor grows noticeably. G&D dedicates special attention to these mission-critial applications.

The highest technical requirements regarding safeguarding against failure, redundancy and fall-back
concepts are essential for all devices. By preventive monitoring the flight controllers must be able to recognise any kind of problem beforehand to continue their work. G&D’s products satisfy such requirements and proved their efficiency in Dubai. The positive response of G&D’s visitors showed the manufacturer set the right course.

Economic tendencies

The atmosphere in Dubai during the fair went against the current trend. People there saw the economic downswing as a chance to thoroughly plan for the future. Efficient action, as well as focus on quality, are considered key factors on the Arabian Peninsula.