Increasing predictability

The integrated system puts together all relevant information that the controller needs to make the correct decision and manage traffic flow. By harmonising the operational process, the system takes on non-critical tasks to reduce the controller workload and improve safety. For congested airports, this frees up unused capacity where traffic expansion might otherwise not have been possible.

With ADB SAFEGATE’s integrated tower solution, it is possible to draw the full benefits from A-CDM. With easy access to all necessary data, there is greater predictability and flexibility, allowing for increased throughput. The airport is used to its full potential through improved real-time information sharing between airlines, ground handlers and ATCOs.

Combine the correct information

Airport systems should serve the airport as a whole and integrate the different areas. Systems from ADB SAFEGATE can be combined with other solutions installed in the tower,allowing for one integrated system. Instead of tracking many separate systems, the functions are integrated in a single display surface.

Tracking of surface movements, electronic flight strips, integrated information systems and departure management allow for efficient streamlining of aircraft movements on the ground, from touchdown to departure. Digital clearance ensures correct communication between ATCO and pilots. In combination with automatic routing and visual airfield lighting guidance for pilots and vehicle drivers, this increases the safety level.

Our automated solutions will help you:

  • Ensure safety from touchdown to gate and back into the air
  • Handle traffic safely in all kinds of weather
  • Allow for better flow of traffic during busy hours
  • Keep track of flight progress
  • Allow for effective planning

For more information, please visit ADB SAFEGATE’s product centre via our contact details.