Preparation and installation

ADB SAFEGATE has a steadily growing and innovative services portfolio and its services start long before the installation of any products or systems. The base for all projects is a preparation phase, in which all the calculations and assessments are carried out in cooperation with the customer.

With a tailor-made design that includes all details, the customer has everything under control: cost, required number of staff and equipment needed for the installation. When all the calculations have been finished, the selected products and systems can be installed swiftly and easily.


ADB SAFEGATE has a holistic approach to services and maintenance. The preparation and installation phases are followed by the maintenance phase, where the staff involved receives training, and preventive maintenance is carried out.

Regular service of the products ensures that the systems are online and offering maximum availability to the runways and taxi ways at all times. Systems from ADB SAFEGATE are set up in such a way that maintenance and service can be carried out while these systems are still running, allowing for substantially decreased downtime.

Our solutions will help you:

  • Enjoy properly designed projects
  • Remove bottlenecks without accidentally adding another
  • Ensure maximum availability to runways and taxiways
  • Minimise interruptions
  • Maintain products so that they can be used through their lifetime