Systems from ADB SAFEGATE allow you to automate gate operations through integration and data sharing, thereby improving operational efficiency and the turnaround process, in addition to improving safety.

Automating the aircraft parking and turnaround process

Safedock Advanced Visual Docking Guidance Systems (A-VDGS) provide the fastest and safest way to park aircraft in all weather conditions. Automation reduces the risk of error and improves safety by ensuring aircraft / gate compatibility, verifying the position of the PBB and scanning the apron for vehicles or other objects.
Real-time data for collaborative decision making and increased predictability.

SafeControl Apron Management software enables Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) by connecting the A-VDGS to flight information systems and other equipment on the apron. Gate availability, equipment status and other milestone information is shared, allowing operators to manage in real-time to avoid disruptions.

ADB SAFEGATE’s solutions for A-CDM optimise the use of resources and improve the predictability of events, with a focus on aircraft turnaround and pre-departure sequencing processes. They enhance both airport and airline performance by reducing delays and congestion and raising productivity and cost-efficiency.

Fully integrated system

Gate systems from ADB SAFEGATE can interface with other solutions in connection to gate operations, such as A-SMGCS surveillance systems, AODB and ground equipment, allowing for one integrated system. By collecting information throughout the process, and sharing it with tower and airfield in real time, the gate and apron area becomes a part of the integrated solution, from approach to departure.

Our automated solutions will help you:

  • Ensure safety at the gate through shared real-time intelligence
  • Improve on-time performance
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase predictability for more effective planning
  • Stay operational in all weather conditions

Enjoy smooth gate operations with our proven concept

Our integrated solutions for the gate and apron area will make your gate operations safer, more efficient and environmentally-friendly.

For more information, please visit ADB SAFEGATE’s product centre via our contact details.