Airport winter management

Airports have to be permanently kept open all year round, regardless of weather conditions. Heavy, unexpected winter conditions can be disastrous for an unprepared airport.

As soon as the weather makes deployment of the winter service necessary, and the clearance teams have been defined, the solutions from Quintiq can come into use and permanently give the operations manager the planning status, in real time. All important information will be seen on the computer monitor at a glance. The areas that require attention area and the vehicles are shown at the top of the monitor.

Drivers are automatically assigned to vehicles they are certified to operate. Furthermore, the system has an interface to the working terminal and records every employee arriving in real time. As well as the current staffing level, the operations manager has visibility of information that makes it easier for him to observe working time regulations, plan breaks and manage the fleet. If necessary, the operations manager can also make manual changes to the plan.