New Zealand’s Aviation Security Service Chooses Quintiq for Employee Scheduling

Avsec, the government provider of aviation security services in New Zealand, has chosen Quintiq’s employee scheduling solution to increase operational efficiencies.

Avsec is responsible for all pre-board screening of passengers at major airports throughout New Zealand. Avsec’s activities also include screening of checked baggage, screening of airport workers, airport access controls, random patrols, aircraft security and managing the airport identity card system for restricted areas.

Avsec is implementing Quintiq’s employee scheduling software for operational staff with the goal of optimising rosters by matching workload to staff resources. The net result will be a reduction in operational costs, efficiency and productivity improvements, as well as a higher level of staff satisfaction and retention.

Quintiq is capable of supporting all Avsec requirements without the need for modifications to the standard software. Quintiq’s flexible solution will allow real time adjustments for changed or delayed flights helping Avsec achieve accurate demand driven rostering. There will be one system covering different locations, staff and processes. With the new system Avsec will gain a global view on resource management which will aid in the effectiveness of the whole organisation.

Effective aviation security operations

“We have gone through an extensive RFP process and have selected Quintiq as the best option to help us increase staff satisfaction through simplifying the rostering process while improving reporting and information flows,” says Mark Everitt, Avsec general manager. “We are confident that this partnership will help us maintain and enhance the effectiveness of our aviation security operations in New Zealand.”

Quintiq business unit director Paul Shepherd says: “Avsec has an outstanding performance record in aviation security. We welcome them on board as a client and are pleased that Quintiq is continuing to increase market share in security and aviation related markets. Aviation security is a dynamic industry demanding the most flexible and nimble of work forces. Demand fluctuations and unplanned events constantly challenge the planner. This calls for an equally flexible employee scheduling tool to effectively deploy the right number of staff to the right location at the right time, at the same time ensuring staff preferences are considered.”

Quintiq provides advanced planning, scheduling and supply chain management solutions. The fast-growing software company, established in 1997, offers solutions for planning and optimising complex business processes throughout the enterprise. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Quintiq has subsidiaries in Australia, China, Finland, Germany, Malaysia, the UK and the US, with implementations in 69 countries.

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