Copenhagen Airport Deploys Quintiq Software Platform to Plan its Workforce

Copenhagen Airports, the operator of the busiest airport hub in the Nordic region, has announced that it is now using Quintiq to plan its workforce.

With its 140 destinations and more than 60 airlines, Copenhagen Airport (CPH) handled more than 23.3 million passengers in 2012. Quintiq, a global leader in supply chain planning and optimisation, has provided a single integrated software platform to optimise the planning of CPH’s workforce, comprising 2,100 staff.

Quintiq will replace multiple legacy systems that were previously used by CPH. The first phase of the Quintiq software implementation recently went live and will enable the airport operator to make more efficient use of its workforce. CPH has started using Quintiq’s Workforce Planning application to manage staff timetables and task assignments. In addition to managing union and Danish labour rules, the new system will enable greater transparency and visibility in workforce planning across CPH’s 11 departments.

The next phase of the Quintiq software implementation is currently underway at CPH. It includes the deployment of a mobile application, integration with SAP Payroll and the automation of key planning tasks.

"Using multiple systems to roster staff in 11 departments and plan their assignments was a very complex process," says Kristian Durhuus, COO of Copenhagen Airports.

"We chose Quintiq’s application as it offers greater visibility and flexibility for handling real-time events, particularly with its mobile application."

Quintiq COO Arjen Heeres said: "Airports and air navigation service providers use Quintiq solutions to manage over half the world’s airspace.

"Being selected by the largest airport operator in northern Europe further reinforces our position as the leading solution provider for the aviation sector. We are pleased to partner with Copenhagen Airport to help optimise their workforce planning process."

For more information, please contact Quintiq.

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