Rethinking, Reinventing and Repositioning: A Future-Proof Point FWD - Airport Technology
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Rethinking, Reinventing and Repositioning: A Future-Proof Point FWD

Just as we are continuously working to help the aviation industry grow and getting ahead of the curve through our services, in parallel we remain searching for ways how to innovate and improve our internal organisation.

From its origin, Point FWD consists of a group of intrinsically motivated individuals ready to accept (almost) any AvSec challenge out there. And despite the fact this has been working out great in the past 10 years, we feel we are at a point – now more than ever – to sharpen and strengthen our true value to the industry.

The result

For the last couple of months we have been working hard to re-invent and re-structure ourselves. The outcome of this endeavor includes a refreshed website and even more important; tons of energy to do what we are here for:

We empower the aviation security industry by pursuing continuous excellence and driving change.

Updates services portfolio

One of the key components in our transition is the confidence we have gained over the services we provide to the industry. Our refreshed portfolio is now up to date and represents the work and expertise we bring to the table for AvSec challenges. Please explore the various portfolio components and its services below.

Updated ‘how we work’ data solutions

The second step in our transition is the articulation of our core and unique approach to tackle AvSec challenges involving technology implementation and process optimisation. This includes our view on successful change, as well as how data-driven solutions can be useful in a high variety of challenges.

Company purpose and values

One the most central aspects in our journey was to regroup, rethink and come together as a Network of Teams even stronger than before. Doing so, we established a new company purpose reflecting the true nature of the work we deliver as a group of individuals and bringing our team even closer everyday. It basically covers our reason for existence. As already included in the top section of this blog post:

We empower the aviation security industry by pursuing continuous excellence and driving change.

Having a collective purpose brought us closer to each other as team members, but also closer to what we intend to do and how we deliver to our clients. Together, in multiple inspiring group sessions, we articulated our company values that make our purpose come alive. We live by these values. Everyday we strive to reach new heights in every one of them.

Updated client cases

Our updated company website now includes multiple cases of recent work we have been delivering for our partners. A selection of five cases exemplifies the services we deliver. We advice you to take a look at the tangible solutions we have been working on, solving challenges that exist in the security checkpoint via the buttons below.

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