We use our knowledge of security operations as the basis for checkpoint (re) design programs, for disruptive security concept development and technology or business assessments.

Designing and redesigning new security concepts starts by understanding the operational dynamics of airport security. With a holistic approach, we combine expert knowledge of screening equipment, procedural changes and operational setups to help develop passenger-friendly, cost-efficient and effective security screening.

Scroll down to find out about our checkpoint design portfolio in the following three services.

Planning and Design

In our checkpoint planning and design services, we bring our operational expertise to the drawing table of future situations. We focus on scenario planning with process capacity modelling and passenger flow simulations.


  • Terminal expansion programs (greenfield, space extensions)
  • Security equipment upgrade projects
  • Checkpoint relocation, redesign or expansions (brownfield)


  • Checkpoint and queue capacity modelling
  • Floor plan studies and scenario validation
  • Security area demarcation
  • Discrete-event security checkpoint simulations

Security Concept Innovation

We provide guidance in developing security concepts that challenge the status quo. Our specialist knowledge of security technology, procedures and process helps to envision innovative, and feasible security concepts.


  • Large scale security research projects
  • Strategic security look-out studies
  • Security process and passenger journey enhancements


  • Operational requirement definition
  • Security process concept development
  • Market and industry research
  • Legislation and regulation support

Technology and Business Assessments

We partner with technology and service providers, both AVSEC incumbents and new entrants, in assessing the connection between products and services to operational and business challenges within the industry.


  • Financial and operational validation
  • Security (re)design study for new screening equipment
  • Cross-industry technology exploration


  • Operational business case development
  • Technical capability assessment
  • Business scenario and partner identification