We help to define and implement continuous improvement approaches for security checkpoints. By overlooking checkpoint performance, our focus is the optimal operational situation.

Each security checkpoint is subject to a unique set of changing KPIs. An ongoing challenge exists to achieve the most beneficial form of operation. Continuously monitoring the checkpoint process should in the end safeguard the operational success of a chosen solution path. Point FWD helps the security stakeholder achieve confidence over its deployment and maximize utilization.

Continuous Security Process Optimisation

We follow a cyclic approach to security process enhancement. It starts by having a comprehensive baseline situation to spot bottlenecks and identify enhancements. Only then experiments could be initiated and measured successfully.


  • Define a robust process improvement methodology
  • Data-driven and fact-based bottleneck identification
  • Continous monitoring of checkpoint performance
  • Maintain a well balanced checkpoint ecosystem


  • Checkpoint Insight Tool for detailed security insights
  • Security process dashboarding
  • Security systems data integration
  • Guidance on continous CONOPs improvement

Equipment Service and Support

Adaption of products after implementation is fully dependent on the quality of service and support. Service and support acts as the connecting dot in maximizing equipment utilization. Our service and support on-site is, at the same time, a direct opportunity for spotting optimisation potentital in current security processes.


  • Technical end-user training
  • Obtain and maintain robust maintenance planning
  • Reliable service and support organisation


  • On-site support and stakeholder coordination
  • Setup of preventive maintenance programs
  • Provide dedicated support for continuous improvement
  • Continuous support for end-user satisfaction