We make successful development of security equipment and processes possible by fitting technology capability within all complex boundaries of security checkpoints globally.

The development of security equipment requires translating technical capability to operational functionality. Challenging real-life circumstances in security checkpoints, such as passenger and operator behaviour, often make it difficult to achieve high performance standards. We help equipment suppliers with the development of solutions that fit in these complex process environments.

Security Equipment Development

We help equipment suppliers in getting equipment ready for operational implementation. We work with suppliers of both hardware (e.g. CT, Body Scanner) equipment, as well as screening software solutions.


  • Enhancements to critical components
  • To develop easy-to-use interfacing
  • Develop new screening solutions and introduce new technologies


  • Research and development of new functionalities
  • Capacity and performance assessments
  • Operational and functional requirement definition

Equipment Testing and Approval

Security equipment development requires operational testing and certification in order to achieve certainty. We provide extensive testing programs for screening equipment in order to strengthen technical capability and system performance.


  • Enhanced algorithm development
  • ECAC testing and preparation cycles
  • Threat item enrollment
  • Scope for ECAC testing


  • ECAC test readiness assessments
  • Equipment evaluation and testing
  • Large scale data captures
  • Algorithm performance validations

Concept of Operations Development

Security screening equipment can only function in operational settings once robust operating plans are available. We help equipment suppliers and operators with developing succesful concepts of operation by striving for optimal human-machine interaction.


  • Operability of screening equipment. Staff, process and procedures
  • Legislative requirement setting
  • Training program development


  • CONOP development with focus on human factor
  • SOP development
  • Change management for security upgrades