On 27 January, a pilot project started at Teuge International Airport to automate the registration of aircraft movements. The project is a partnership between regional airports IT solutions supplier Adecs Airinfra and Teuge International Airport. The project will gradually implement the automated movement registration system AirFee.

With over 65,000 movements in 2013, Teuge International Airport is the second largest general aviation airport in the Netherlands. The accurate registration of movements was a labor intensive task. With AirFee, the takeoffs and landings are automatically recorded. It allows the airport to reduce this labor-intensive task and avoid errors, resulting in a substantial cost saving.

AirFee receives and processes transponder signals emitted by aircraft in the vicinity of the airport. Their landings, departures and even touch and go’s are automatically recorded. This data is directly available for administrative purposes such as invoicing and noise calculations or for statistical analysis.

With AirFee the airport has also access to data previously unavailable: the flight tracks of ADS-B equipped aircraft and the vertical flight profiles of all aircraft operating from their runway. This information can be used to monitor flights or procedures, for example to reduce noise annoyance to ensure local support for the airport.