Regional airports IT solutions supplier Adecs Airinfra is pleased to announce that its AirMap system is fully operational at Rotterdam The Hague Airport, the second largest regional airport of the Netherlands.

AirMap is an innovative airport visualization platform which displays all relevant information on an interactive map of the airport and its surroundings, providing an instant overview of the situation. The resulting "Common Operating Picture" will help the airport staff to improve their situational awareness. This leads to better decision making, improves safety and saves costs because of higher overall efficiency.

AirMap can be used as a stand-alone system. However, at Rotterdam The Hague Airport it is connected to AirLink, Adecs Airinfra’s airport and information management system. This connection ensures that any essential information from AirLink is automatically shown in AirMap without the need of manual actions.

At Rotterdam The Hague Airport, several airport stakeholders use AirMap, such as operations, the fire brigade and security. They can easily add, update or remove information using the touch-optimised user interface. All information is instantly shared with other AirMap clients, providing stakeholders instant access to information from the moment it is entered.

AirMap is not only used to improve the situational awareness during daily operations but also for training and education as well as during emergencies or special circumstances.