The airport industry has become increasingly competitive as new airlines and business models have emerged. New airline structures mean that there is now competition between air traffic systems and their airports. To succeed in this new environment, increased efficiency is necessary, along with streamlining operations to reduce costs, improving decision-making, using resources more efficiently, and improving collaboration between airport partners.

AirLink is an Airport Operational Database (AODB) management system from Adecs Airinfra that provides airports with accurate, timely, and reliable information that can be shared between all partners. This results in increased situational awareness and more predictable processes which, in turn, creates improved flexibility, punctuality, and efficiency.

AirLink is specially designed for regional airports which means it offers all the necessary functionality without being overly complex or expensive. It is also a web-based application that uses a centralised database to provide accurate and real-time information. Cross-platform compatibility and mobile access also help to facilitate seamless updates. The modular nature of AirLink also means that it can be customised to suit a variety of airports.