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Waterblasting Technologies Launches Aftermarket Thermoplastic Melters

Thermoplastic melter

Waterblasting Technologies has launched a new line of aftermarket melters to address the needs of thermoplastic line striping companies.

Thermoplastic line striping companies now have another option when they need high-quality and competitively priced replacement melters.

Available in three different capacities: 2,000lb, 3,000lb and 4,000lb, Waterblasting Technologies’ melters have features such as:

  • Direct drive hydraulic agitation for blending, scraping and mixing
  • Agitator motor mount and coupling system allows for removal of motor and top half of the coupler with simple removal of two bolts and hoses
  • Manual hydraulic lever action valve for independent operation of each mixer in forward, reverse, and neutral with independent speed control
  • High durable visibility temperature controls with intuitive setting controls
  • Each melter is equipped with a redundant 5in diameter analogue dial thermometer with guard to monitor thermoplastic temperature
  • 3in knife gate handwheel valve for safe controlled dispensing of thermoplastic mounted opposite of feed door side
  • Aluminum discharge trough to dispense material into hand applicator
  • The base mounting flange of the unit is 2in-wide with multiple slotted holes for a wide range of mounting options
  • Top rim is designed to prevent thermoplastic and resin from draining down the outside walls of the unit
  • Rain-resistant design prevents water from entering the thermoplastic tank
  • Tank design incorporates carbon steel components welded together and designed to minimize tank fatigue and premature failure.
  • Kettles are easily replaced from the burner housing

The engineering staff of Waterblasting Technologies has spent over three years designing and testing the next generation of thermoplastic melters, which will have performance that cannot be matched on any other line of melters. Today, Waterblasting Technologies can fully support the needs of both striping and striping removal companies.

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