The Stripe HOG SK 5.2 from HOG Technologies is a water blasting system designed for small-scale jobs including marking removal, rejuvenation, and surface retexturing.

The Stripe HOG SK 5.2 uses a 40,000 PSI (2,750 bar) ultra-high-pressure pump to deliver water at a rate of 5.2 gallons per minute through the needle-sharp water jetting nozzles. With a 5.2 GPM (19 LPM) flow rate, the SK 5.2 is perfect for small-scale jobs at smaller airports, parking lots, parking garages, and other compact areas.

The SK 5.2 is HOG Technologies’ most-affordable water blasting system to date. It can be mounted to a skid, a trailer, or a chassis and comes with the Ground HOG walk-behind tool. The Ground HOG features a blasting head of 14in and can be operated up to 300ft away from the vehicle.

With a large 900-gallon (3,406l) water tank capacity the Stripe Hog SK 5.2 can stay on the job for several hours before dumping or replenishing with fresh water. The Stripe Hog SK 5.2 is powered by a Cummins 140 HP Tier 3 or Tier 4 engine.

All of the Stripe HOG models feature simultaneous vacuum recovery of dirt and debris as blasting is happening. Because of this, if there is ever the need for an emergency landing at the airport, the Stripe HOG can shut down and vacate the runway in under one minute.

All of this is performed using clean, potable water with no harsh chemicals added. Unlike past methods of sandblasting, scorching, or using chemicals for removal, water blasting is clean, safe, and environmentally friendly. The needle-sharp water jets can do more than other methods can’t such as getting down into the micro and macrotexture of the surface to remove markings and other built-up sediments all while doing the least amount of damage to the surface.

All of our vehicles come with a training program called HOG Tech University. HOG Technologies is the only manufacturer of equipment that requires a license to operate. This is because HOG Technologies believes that a well-trained operator will have a much higher success rate with a job than someone who is untrained or unqualified to run or operate the equipment. The leading cause of damaged surfaces are the results of untrained people operating the vehicle.

The goal at HOG Technologies is Maximise Productivity, Minimise Costs, and Optimise Results. In order to achieve this, all of our Stripe HOG operators need to be properly trained on how to run the equipment. HOG Tech University does this through initial and constant training, by requiring operators to take refresher courses to renew their licenses, and by offering incentives for doing a job well done.

HOG Technologies remains committed to being your Total Pavement Solution.