Surface HOG from HOG Technologies is the Perfect Versatile Solution for Airport Surface Cleaning - Airport Technology
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Surface HOG from HOG Technologies is the Perfect Versatile Solution for Airport Surface Cleaning

The Surface Hog is the only surface cleaning option that can be driven on roads at highway speed. Similar units can only travel upwards to 15mph. By integrating the Surface Hog into an Isuzu NRR chassis, there is no need to tow any of the equipment. With the Isuzu NRR chassis, the Surface Hog boasts a tight turning radius, making it perfect for surface cleaning in tight areas where larger equipment or towed equipment would have difficulty operating in. The Surface HOG can fit in parking garages, gate areas, and other tight spaces.

One of the benefits of the Surface HOG is the ability to clean pervious (porous) pavement. This type of pavement is typically found in parking lots and helps prevent flooding by channelling rainwater through its surface into a sediment bed beneath. Over time, dirt and debris can build up, blocking the passage of water through the pavement. This can lead to flooding and less traction. The Surface HOG’s needle-sharp water jets can get down into the macrotexture and microtexture of the porous pavement and remove dirt and sediments, restoring the pavement’s traction and drainage.

When it comes to airfield markings, the Surface HOG can clean markings to restore their visibility and reflectivity, saving the time and costs to remove and repaint markings. In addition, the Surface HOG can remove hydrocarbons and oils from gate areas, aircraft parking & work areas, and more. Because the Surface HOG only uses 7,250psi (499 bar) of pressure, there is no damage or negative impact to the surface or the existing markings.

All of this is accomplished with a large shroud containing a single 36in spray bar for a wide blasting width.

The Surface HOG is also environmentally friendly as it only uses clean, potable water and no harsh or abrasive chemicals. It also features a six-stage filtration and water reclamation system to recycle and filter the water down to 100 microns, drastically extending the run time of the vehicle to up to five hours before the 610gal (2,308l) water tank needs to be refilled.

The Surface HOG also features simultaneous vacuum recovery for both the water reclamation and six-stage filtering system. It will separate debris from the water and store that debris into a 132gal (499l) debris tank which can easily be dumped.

Because of these innovations, the Surface HOG has become the choice among North American airports to handle all of their surface cleaning and paint rejuvenation needs.

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