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Brisbane’s bioport approaches sustainable aviation fuel head-on

Virgin Australia, SkyNRG and Brisbane Airport Corporation have joined forces to assess if Australia’s first ‘bioport’ could become a reality. Dr Nicola Davies finds out more about the project and what it takes to successfully fly aircraft on nothing but renewable fuel.

TSA Pre-Check – why a one-size approach to security does not fit all

First introduced in October 2011, The TSA Pre-check was a deliberate move away from a “one size fits all approach” to airport security. Frances Marcellin spoke to the TSA’s Jim McKinney at its Office of Strategic Communication and Public Affairs to find out more about how this risk-based approach to security works

Heathrow Positive Boarding wins inaugural AIR Passenger Services Award in association with AIR magazine is proud to announce Heathrow as the winner of the inaugural 2013 AIR Passenger Services Award for their Positive Boarding technology.

A retail revolution – new strategies from London’s Gatwick and Heathrow

Passenger choice is key to consumer spending at airports – Frances Marcellin looks at the improved retail offerings at London’s Gatwick and Heathrow.

Electric green aircraft taxiing takes off

Earlier this year Honeywell and Safran completed the first major phase of testing of their electric green taxiing system (EGTS), publicly demonstrating it for the first time on an Airbus A320 during the Paris Air Show. Frances Marcellin (Née Cook) spoke with Brian Wenig, vice president of the EGTS Program for Honeywell Aerospace, to find out more about the system and its anticipated benefits for the industry.

Social biometrics – the secret ingredient for a passenger-centric airport

By integrating cutting-edge biometric security systems with passenger measurement programmes, Human Recognition Systems (HRS) offers airports a unique way to both meet high security targets and improve passengers’ experiences. Frances Cook spoke to Neil Norman, head of innovation at HRS, to learn more out about what he calls ‘the secret sauce’, the special ingredient often missing from modern day airport operations.

Airport security systems put the spotlight on passenger data

With air passenger numbers expected to double globally by 2030, airports need to improve flow and speed up security. But introducing sophisticated and automated screening systems also means capturing data that could be used for other purposes. Frances Cook reports on the various ways airports capture and use passenger data.

Warsaw Chopin: a masterclass in the value of social media and communication

Poland’s Warsaw Chopin Airport has built up one of the biggest airport Twitter feeds in the world, thanks to a highly focused and responsive social media strategy. With a presence on all major channels, and more besides, Frances Cook looks at what value Chopin’s dedication to engaging its online community brings to the business.

Women in aviation – the status quo won’t fly

Women are vastly under-represented in the aviation and aerospace sectors and while change has been slow, new education policies and more visible role models are shifting the status quo. Frances Cook spoke to the UK’s Royal Aeronautical Society and Women 1st to find out what barriers exist and what can be done to address the gender imbalance. launches airports survey is launching a major global airports industry survey, and we’d like to hear your opinions on the most important business issues for 2013-2014.