Point FWD has announced its collaboration with AVSEC technology incubator SG11 on the Joint Transceiver System (JTS) measurement system.

The highly specialised AVSEC consultancy firm is expanding its data analysis capabilities within passenger security checkpoints with the addition of the JTS people measuring sensor.

The JTS sensor can measure the presence of individuals in predefined areas with very high accuracy, and it is exactly this capability that Point FWD requires when executing consultancy work at airports.

The missing link in security checkpoint measurements

A few months ago, Michael Verhage (consultant at Point FWD) wrote a white paper on the missing link in security checkpoint performance monitoring.

In this white paper Michael describes how divest times within security checkpoints currently are an analysis black-box. A sub-process of which accurate measurements are either very time consuming or highly inaccurate.


Now after months of testing and after a live trial at a major European airport, Point FWD is launching their collaboration with SG11. The JTS sensor solves the missing link in security checkpoint performance measurements, highly accurate and dependable measurements of this sub-process are possible.

Starting today Point FWD will incorporate the JTS sensor within their standard consultancy package as a means of measuring processes, ultimately this will result in greater quality advisory work and will give our clients even more insight into their security processes.