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Tristar 2 - 4th Floor,
Stationsplein ZW 985,
1117CE, Schiphol,

Tristar 2 - 4th Floor,
Stationsplein ZW 985,
1117CE, Schiphol,

Point FWD offers data-driven advisory services in the context of aviation security processes for governments, international aviation organisations, airports and security equipment manufacturers worldwide.

Point FWD is a Schiphol-based company that has been assisting its partners with security equipment development, process optimisation and technology implementation since its establishment in 2011.

Its main context of business is the security checkpoint environment and developing technology for mid-size to large airports around the world. By doing so, data research has always been at the core of the approach. The company’s belief is that data-driven decision-making should be preferred over gut-feeling decisions.

Some of the core values we deliver to our clients include:

  • Security checkpoint redesign and fit-for-purpose decision making
  • Tailored security solutions that match the process and specific airport vision and strategy
  • Decrease of security costs, queuing area and queuing times
  • Optimized resourcing plans, security lane usage and efficiency and spacing benefits
  • Continuously optimised security performance

Point FWD provides a range of services, including implementation support, operational and design consulting, project management, as well as service and support and technical development.

Strategising for security equipment implementation

In the last few years, more so than ever, the impact of modern security technology has been seen on coherent and integrated checkpoint processes. We have been developing an approach to adequately plan and strategise for those changes.

With this development, we have been assisting airports to plan for change, equipment manufacturers with optimally tailored security solutions, as well as security companies to reorganise staff with future changes.

Technology implementations include our product range, with solutions such as EDS CB, CT, ATRs, Security Scanner, Automated Lane Assignment and Automated Security Lane available. We look at the integration of every technology component included in your security checkpoint concept.

To read more about our approach, visit the eds-cb.com website link in our contract details to read more about the specific challenges to be encountered, the tools and techniques we utilise and some interesting client cases.

Specialised aviation security research and innovation

As an established independent company, Point FWD has developed its knowledge to offer research-based services to its clients. This includes impact studies for upcoming or changing legislation, as well as market research for screening, evaluation and comparison of new technologies.

To allow airports to develop and improve security services, the company provides guidance for innovation whether it is a major development or a small change. Some of these services include functional or operational testing of equipment and processes, security concept development, as well as offering guidance for European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) approval.

Point FWD assists airports integrating cross-industry technology into aviation security, as well as supporting manufacturers to develop specialised equipment.

Operational and design consulting for aviation security

The company combines information from its data-handling suite with the .FWD Approach for its operational consulting service. It provides a complete analysis of the airport security procedures and highlights changes that can be made to improve operations.

Understanding the surroundings using a questionnaire and a facility tour is the initial stage of the .FWD Approach, followed by establishing a baseline using local data sources and the company’s industry data-gathering tools. Point FWD’s methodology stage includes implementing minor changes that could create a significant improvement, as well as ensuring that teams persevere.

Point FWD’s expertise allows the company to provide consulting services for the functional design of airports, including security checkpoints. The company conducts interviews with stakeholders to gain an understanding of the requirements based on functional, financial and environmental factors.

This is followed by data collection to define possible project limitations and offer advice on future designs.

Project management and service for airport security implementation

Point FWD provides project management for airport consultation projects, collaborating with equipment manufacturers to implement high-quality products and support checkpoint solutions.

The company has developed its project management service based on its innovation, design, modelling, and operation expertise within airport security processes. Integration of equipment such as modern passenger and baggage screening, access control, as well as complete security lane configurations is included in Point FWD’s project management service.

Service and support is provided as the final step in the implementation of airport security solutions to ensure optimal operation of the technology. Point FWD’s services include communication processes, support process and maintenance setup, quality assurance, data analysis, as well as load testing and regular checks.


Point FWD’s independent position within the aviation market and the wide range of clients we provide consulting to have created strong expertise for the company.

Operational and Design Consulting

Point FWD specialises in optimising the operation and design of many aviation security processes through security consultancy.

Innovation and Products

Moving forward or improving often requires innovation, which can either be small and virtually unnoticable or major headline news.

Project Management

Point FWD is experienced in the implementation of airport security equipment. 

Service and Support

The implementation of service and support is the final stage of security system implementation and will be important for the success of the product, technology and process implementation.

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Point FWD

Tristar 2 - 4th Floor

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