Trivandrum – IBS Software, a leading provider of new-generation IT solutions to the global travel, transportation and logistics (TTL) industry, has signed a deal with Oman Air. for a product suite. This will include AvientCrew for crew rostering and tracking, AvientFleet for fleet management, and a close integration between the two to help optimize airline processes and resources for the airline. IBS will go ahead with an aggressive implementation to support Oman Air’s rapid growth plan.


AvientCrew, a sophisticated crew management system, is an integrated solution that will enhance decision support capability to support the entire crew management needs of Oman Air. The system will assist in automatically generating cost-effective rosters that comply with governmental and regulatory requirements, airport restrictions, crew training, licensing and airline-specific requirements, as well as efficiently managing crew changes and disruptions on the day of operation.


AvientFleet will enable Oman Air to plan aircraft schedules and maintenance, continuously monitor all flight movements, ensure improved on-time performance for its fleet, and provide touch points to identify and alert controllers to help minimize disruptions to the operating schedule. AvientCrew and AvientFleet will together create a collaborative framework for the airline to speed up delivery and ensure efficient decision making processes.

Habib Bhacker Habib, head of information computing at Oman Air, said, “The investment programme [has been] agreed with IBS, which is amongst the renowned information technology (IT) product companies in India, and a leading one in the world serving the travel, transportation and logistics (TTL) industry that meets our needs. The move follows the creation of a new corporate identity for the national carrier of Oman, as it transforms itself into a world-class competitor.

“Our airline is growing fast, and there was a pressing need to upgrade systems to keep up with software solutions provided by the global travel, transportation and logistics industry. IBS was preferred by Oman Air since its entire portfolio of products has been fully accepted by the industry. IBS Software is indeed a leading provider of IT solutions for the global travel, transportation and logistics industries, and we are delighted to associate with them.”

According to Mr Peter Cefai, president of global business operations at the IBS Group, “we see this deal as the beginning of an important partnership that will enable us to help Oman Air directly address their rapid expansion plans. Integration of crew and fleet operations will not only help build efficiency, but also reduce disruption costs. We, at IBS, have always sought to address the operational and planning needs of airlines, helping them respond to the rapidly evolving global aviation market with optimal safety and efficiency, whilst retaining a competitive business edge.