IBS’ iPort™ to manage core cargo and marine operations

IBS Software, a leading provider of new-generation IT solutions to the global Travel, Transportation and Logistics (TTL) industry, signed a deal with the Maldives Port Authority to implement and maintain iPort, a port operations management solution. The system will optimize the management of core port and marine operations at the port of Male, reducing the throughput time of vessels and cargo.

The Port of Male is governed by the Maldives Ports Authority and is the primary port of call in the Republic of Maldives. IBS iPort was selected as their product of choice for port operations system after an international bid and detailed evaluation. The flexibility of the product which is adaptable to t he operational complexities of the port and IBS’ domain expertise were the major reasons iPort was selected.

iPort is a comprehensive and fully integrated port operation management solution that supports the entire gamut of port operations ranging from marine operations, cargo and container operations, yard operations, cargo delivery to billing of all services rendered by the port. iPort integrates the entire port operations with optimal planning, co-ordination and management of port resources to provide a seamless service chain to the port users community. iPort currently manages the three ports under the Sharjah Ports Authority.

According to VK Mathews, Chairman and CEO, IBS Group: “Our experience and expertise in the transportation and logistics arena is our key strength behind building functionally and technologically superior software products. We are certain that iPort will ensure improved service levels and revenue. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with the Maldives Ports Authority”.

Mr Mahdi Imad , Managing Director, Maldives Port Authority said: “iPort will help us manage our resources optimally while helping us adapt to changing business needs at a time when we are looking to emerge as a prominent port services provider that caters to the needs of national and regional trade. iPort’s unique feature of being customisable to our business challenges has been its winning point. We look forward to the successful implementation of iPort and to a productive partnership with IBS.”


iPort consists of a generic suite of modules, which cohesively address all the core operational requirements of seaports. Separate modules cater to the marine operations, cargo operations, commercial and engineering maintenance requirements of ports. iPort provides scalability to suit specific needs as port operations increase in size and complexity. Selective role based access to the application for remote and corporate users ensure data privacy and security.