Leading IT solutions provider to the global travel, transportation and logistics industry, IBS Software, has announced that S7 Cargo acting on behalf of S7 Airlines and GLOBUS airline, based in Russia, has signed up for iCargo, its new-generation cargo management solution. The S7 Cargo has chosen iCargoNet, the SaaS offering of iCargo, which will be hosted from IBS’ state-of-the-art data centres. With this the total number of cargo customers for IBS has grown to 19 in a very short time.

iCargo, developed in association with a core group of influencers comprising six leading airlines in the world, has within a span of a few years grown to be an industry-leading air cargo management solution globally. The IBS solution was selected by S7 Cargo for its strong customer service and proven ability to help cargo carriers in significantly increasing operational effectivity and cost efficiency.

iCargoNet, the hosted version of iCargo, lowers the total cost of ownership and facilitates transaction-based pricing, whilst bringing new benefits such as ease of global distribution and ability to add new modules and system features as the business needs of the airlines grow and change.

“There are modern cargo market issues including tight competition which drive airlines to strengthen control over business and to use sophisticated management along with expenses minimization. To increase effectivity of cargo transportation business of airline and promote customer services, S7 Airlines, GLOBUS airline and S7 CARGO have decided to implement a cargo reservation system,” said Alexander Ushnurtsev, general director of S7 Cargo, the general sales agent of S7 Airlines and GLOBUS airline.

Upon detailed analysis of cargo reservation solutions available in the world’s IT market, S7 CARGO put its choice on iCargo by IBS. Main advantages of iCargo for S7 Airlines and GLOBUS airline, incorporated to S7 Group, are conformity to modern requirements, cost-effective solution and up-to-date instrumental content.”

“What is significant is that an increasing number of customers are weaning away from well-established expensive legacy systems and moving to iCargo, which is a testimony to the value proposition of our cargo management solution,” said Akshay Shrivastava, senior vice president and global head of IBS’ cargo line of business. “We have identified Russia as an important market for us and we are now setting up a Russian help desk to support our customers in the region. We are delighted that S7 Cargo selected us to be the IT enabler for S7 Airlines and GLOBUS airline cargo business.”

“We believe them joining us is a confirmation of the acceptance of our product and business model in that geography and I am sure we will have many more successes in that market soon.”